Monday, April 18, 2011

Addictive money saver

I received for Christmas one 'Moka pot' - a small stove top coffee pot straight from Italy. It produces an espresso-like coffee (read: strong, dark, potent!) that has totally slowed my need to stop at the local coffee shop on an almost daily basis (which likely saved me about $400!).

Grocery store grinders usually have an espresso grind setting (
The heated water is pressurized upwards, brewing the grinds
There's some crema!

If you are looking for a beautiful thick crema on top, go to a high end model. I appreciate the finer qualities of an excellent barista (check out the Peace Coffee shop in Minneapolis - some of the best!), but I will not be too picky for the daily hit of caffeine that gives a warm and cozy feeling that lasts. And thinking of warmer weather, will be an easy way to make iced coffee this summer.

Lovely latte art - the espresso-tinged foam is so delicious! (


  1. if I only like coffee...this looks amazing!!! now to make those frozen slow drip coffee smoothies they make at Behn Tahn in London

  2. Mmmm! Have you tried homemade cold press? A whole other level!