Friday, April 1, 2011

Green kitchen cleaner

A non-edible recipe to share. I have been using this rock star spray cleaner on everything in the kitchen: painted walls, wood, tile, countertops, sinks, my ceramic stove top, high chairs, and even some stainless steel appliances. It will cost you about 14 cents a bottle to make (move over Caldera!), and your kitchen will smell lovely, and be clean without a lot of nasty chemicals.
Who are we kidding? But at least it can smell nice!

Gleaned from the internet, Alice's Wonder spray, makes just over 32 ounces. Might be a nice idea for gifts too, if you find some fancy spray bottles and mix up your own signature scent.

Alice's Wonder spray
1 cup white vinegar (anti-microbial)
2 teaspoons borax (works with surfactants to increase dissolving 'power'; oxidative (bleaching property); anti-microbial) - look for "20 Mule Team Borax"
32 ounces hot water
20 drops essential oils (your choice - most are anti-microbial; I use 15 drops Tea Tree, 5 drops lavender)
1/4 cup dish soap (surfactant, dissolver of all that is junk), if you want to be as natural as possible, try to find a soap product that is too

* Mix vinegar and borax in hot water to dissolve.
* Combine dish soap and essential oils, then add to the vinegar-borax solution
* Adjust scent to your liking.
* Pour into a re-usable, labelled spray bottle

Some combinations I would like to try in the future are: grapefruit & mint, chamomile & lavender...hmm, lots to choose from.


  1. Just whipped up a batch of Alice's Wonder Spray! Works really well in the bathroom...and leaves a lovely fresh scent! :)

  2. So glad Meggin! It really works great - hope you enjoy it too.